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My Rants

My rants are basically blog posts where I am complaining about something, such as how much I really hate Gym Class Heroes.


Restaurants that make me mad, either by poor service or poor quality food. I should know, I'm a fat ass.
Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q Sucks Pig Ass
Think you have been to the worst restaurant of all time? Well, I might have gone to it.
Taco Bell, abode of retards?
Two Taco Bell Stories: It doesn't take Robert Stack to realize something mysterious and unsolved is going on at Taco Bell.
It is very annoying, HOT
For some odd reason commercials for foods that you can heat up have now started to use adjectives as if we're speaking Spanish.
Taco Bell and Toilet Surprise

Two surprising events in the same night.


I love music and I think I know more about it than most people, end of story.
Fucking Hilarious Rapper
I found one of the funniest "rap" albums today at work. Here's my story.
Worst Songs of 2007
These are the worst songs of 2007, especially the top five.
Gym Class Heroes will destroy the Universe
In the last couple of years, a really shitty group of one guy named the "Gym Class Heroes" has had a few "hits". And I believe if they come out with any more, the universe will be destroyed.
Nobody gives a fuck about Dimebag Darrell
Remember when Dimebag Darrell was shot? I know I do, nobody would shut the fuck up about it, and there was one major problem with most of his supposed "fans"...
Kings of Leon worst band of the last decade. Who am I kidding, last 250 years
Kings of Leon is way overrated, but that hasn't stopped people from covering their songs.


Other stuff, not sorted yet
I hate my neighbors
I live around a few people who I really wish would just fall off the face of the earth. Here is a brief introduction into the lives of these individuals.
Wichita, Kansas has the worst drivers on earth
Perhaps it seems a bit alarmist to say the worst drivers in the world live in Wichita, but it's all too true.
Some guy on Fox
There's a man on Fox that is really annoying the hell out of me.


Computers in the ghetto


Currently no stories for this category, that means I haven't added them yet.


Ron Paul Supports, Utter Morons?
The way Ron Paul supports are acting, you'd think they were trying to avoid getting this man elected. I also discuss various issues.


Places I really hate, or at least do not like very much
Popular places that are no big deal (Part I)
This is the first installment of what I hope to be a great set of articles about cities that suck.
Fuck this grocery store
A follow up and end to other stories.