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My friend's new site - 26-Dec-2008 @ 20:27

My good friend Eric setup a web site for paranormal stuff. While I'm not really into that kind of thing, ghosts, UFOs, and such, he is and so I decided to give him a bit of a plug and a link from my site. His web site is called Project Paranormal, and has various paranormal stuff, including ghosts, ufos, cryptozoological crap, photos (ghost photos, ufo photos, etc), paranormal forums, news, etc.

So be so kind as to check his stuff out, I'd greatly appreciate it - after all, there isn't much going on here.

More updates coming soon - 02-Nov-2008 @ 14:43

If there is nothing I hate more in life than standard bullshit it's University of Phoenix. I created a new rant about them, you can read it on my latest rant page.

Surely, they must be lying - 17-May-2008 @ 00:40

Today I was watching 20/20 on ABC and they were talking about a social network of sorts called Juicy Campus or some such shit. Anyway, on the site people essentially lie about everyone and spread rumors. One girl interviewed talked about how she was called the blow job queen or something -- she had a giant fucking cold sore on her lip. So, watch out guys, the blow job queen not only is a liar, but she has herpes too.

Oh wait, That's not me! - 20-Feb-2008 @ 12:21

Today I received an email from Charter Communications. Incase you were wondering they provide cable Internet service, among other things. Long story short, they claim I have been torrenting "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" and are threatening to cancel my service if I do it again. It's official too, they provided a phone number for me to call to sort the issue out, and indeed they think it was me, but I pointed out a few problems.

1) I don't use Charter
2) If I did, I still wouldn't be downloading National Treasure, that movie sucks
3) The IP address they provide as evidence isn't even mine.

They refuse to believe me, but that's fine, I guess they'll have to cancel my service -- that should be really fucking interesting when nothing happens.

New Section and New Rant - 15-Oct-2007 @ 17:51

I have a new section, the rants section, and there I have my first rant posted to the site. I plan on posting many more rants in the future.

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