Adventures of an Asshole

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Rules for Asking

Naturally, there are certain rules when asking for advice, so follow the rules and you'll get a response. If you don't, your question will be deleted.

The length of the question(s) shouldn't be your life story, however you must give enough detail so I can answer your question, otherwise I won't. Remember that I don't know you or anything about you at all, so you have to give me details.
Grammar and Spelling
This isn't Xanga, AOL, or some other place, thus I require intelligible spelling and grammar. If it comes down to it, use before submitting. I understand that mistakes can be made, and that's okay. I will take both American and British spelling.
You are here for advice not to bitch and whine about people, or to be rude to me or others. If you want my advice, you must be nice. I am doing this for you, for free. Naturally, I get a lot of questions, but I will attempt to get to yours as fast as humanly possible. If you submit more than once, all of yours will be deleted. So, give me time to answer your question, or for me to write to Dear Abby and see what she'd say.
Look, I'm not a lawyer (but I do play one on TV) so don't come to me for legal advice. If you asking advice on something that is illegal/immoral/whatever it will be deleted. Misdemeanors may be accepted (depending on what it is), but generally felonies and federal offenses will be deleted.

I will ban your ass for any reason I see fit. Such reasons can be not following rules, asking ridiculous questions, or just generally being a dick.