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Asshole Advice - Frequently Asked Questions

Seeing as how I hate to get emails with stupid and obvious (at least to me) questions, I went ahead and guessed what you people may asked. Oh no! I said "You People!"

The W and H Questions

Who are you?
See the About page. But in all honesty, the reason I give out advice freely is because I just got sick of Pat Robertson dispensing horrible advice.
What is this site?
A place someone can come and get anonymous advice. Much easier than writing in to Dear Abby or Ann Landers, particularly the latter, as you'd have to summon her from beyond the grave.
When was this site created/started?
It was started on the evening of October 6th, 2005
Where was this site created?
This site was created in a small, dark, basement room with leaking ceilings, Matrix posters, and loud techno. You know, just like in the movies. Everything even has that green tint to it also. Did I mention I see in Neo-vision?
How do I ask for advice?
You can start by going to the Ask for Advice page, but first O suggest reading the Rules.
How was this site created?
It was created on FreeBSD with ee and Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1. It is written in PHP and MySQL and is not Open Source.
Why is it here?
To help you. Don't question me!

Other Stuff

Am I really Anonymous?
Yes, your email is kept private and your IP address is logged for 30 days. Neither are ever released to anyone. I hate spam myself and wouldn't wish it upon anyone, except people I hate.
Do you answer questions seriously?
Yes, I honestly do my best to give the best advice possible, I just joke around with everything else.
Why are you so sarcastic?
Because, that's life.
Do you really hate Pat Robertson?
Yes, and many other people who basically lie about everything they give advice on.
How come fruity pebbles leave that weird feeling on the roof of one's mouth?
They don't, there must be something wrong with you.
Do you practice Santeria? Do you have a crystal ball?
No, but I had a million dollars and spent it all.