Adventures of an Asshole

Unwarranted Self-importance Galore



Okay, so I've been talking to a guy that I've had a crush on since highschool. He's driving up here from a college thats 6 hours away just to see a concert with me. Every day we have conversations onl...
Sorry, this is more of a question, but why are Clydesdales the "icon" for Anheuser Busch? I'm struggling to know the truth.
This is more so a curious question. It annoys the hell out of me when people who have been in a relationship for a while say "It's our 'three month anniversary' today." The name "annive...
Is sex really as great as everyone says it is? Cause we want to know if we're really missing out.
I would like advice on who is better, Maddox, or Thilo. I must know the truth.
How can I be more of an asshole like you?