Adventures of an Asshole

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I ask the Advice of the biggest Asshole ever. My problem is this whenever I walk into a public place I am always refered to as someone of great importance, random kids will come up to me and ask if I...
In my physics lab at school we have to use excel, which I know absolutly nothing about, and on top of that its on fucking imacs. Is there any logical reason for this than just to confuse the hell out ...
i know this man who i think actually has a vagina, i want to ask, but dont want to be rude, what shall i do.
So you've been going to the same hair dresser for awhile now, but a good friend of yours just got graduated from cosmotology and massage therapy school, and he/she does a fine job styling hair. Howeve...
Now I know it's clear cut and defined that a woman loses her virginity when her hymen is broken, but what technically defines how a man loses his virginity?