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#6 Anonymously Anonymous Asks:
Now I know it's clear cut and defined that a woman loses her virginity when her hymen is broken, but what technically defines how a man loses his virginity?
First let me start by saying because a women's hymen is broken does not mean she isn't a virgin, because women can be born without them and sports such as gymnastics with lots of splits and stretching can actually break it over time. That said, let me continue by saying I define virginity as the state where one has not yet engaged in sexual intercourse with another person.

So, for a male that would mean he'd have to stick his penis into a female's vagina to make him no longer a virgin. A virgin simply means someone who has not had sex.

I would also expand this to homosexuals, if one is exclusively homosexual, then if one has "sex" with the person of the same sex, then that also means they're no longer virgins. Some people may not agree with that, but I personally think it's so.

But, like I said, in the strictest sense a virgin is someone who has not had sexual intercourse, be it male or female. And, just incase you or anyone else was wondering, there was _no_ way to tell whether or not a male has had sex.