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Advice #5

#5 betty Asks:
So you've been going to the same hair dresser for awhile now, but a good friend of yours just got graduated from cosmotology and massage therapy school, and he/she does a fine job styling hair. However, he/she gets upset because you already have a hairstylist. (Who overcharges and takes forever but is an old friend as well.) What is the proper way to "switch" services?
Well, you should do whatever you feel is the best. If your current hairstylist takes too long and overcharges, then obviously you should drop him/her. However, of course because he/she is an old friend, feelings come into play, so.. the way I see it is you have two options. 1) You can just stop going to him/her and go to the new friend, and just don't ever bring it up if you hang out, and lie if need be, or 2) and this probably the best for someone afraid to hurt other's feelings, switch back and forth, like joint custody. One time go to the old one, the next time the new one, the next time the old one, and so on.

But you always have to look out for what's in your best interest before others. So, if he/she is wasting your time and money, then maybe it's a good idea to just switch over, but there isn't really anything that I know of you could say or do to make it easy, so just don't say anything at all like option #1, or alternatively go to both like option #2.

I personally think option #1 is the best.