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Advice #2

#2 ryanzorz Asks:
In my physics lab at school we have to use excel, which I know absolutly nothing about, and on top of that its on fucking imacs. Is there any logical reason for this than just to confuse the hell out of students?
Even though PCs with Microsoft Windows are pretty much de facto now, and anyone wanting to get a job that involves computers almost always has to understand Windows, some administrators still promote their Apple Computer Cult bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I don't support Microsoft either, but it's absolutely retarded to teach students Mac like it's the "standard" when, in fact, it is Windows that is.

My middle school also did this. We learned on Macs with only Mac programs, we took tests testing our knowledge of Mac computing. Back then I even asked why in the fuck are we testing on Macs if everyone has Windows at home, work, etc. They never had an answer.

Basically, most of the people that hold onto Mac so much that they promote them at the schools they work for, are just like members of a Cult. Sure, the Church of Macintology doesn't exist, yet.

So, my suggestion is you do your best to get through with what you know.