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Asshole Advice

For some reason or another a lot of people ask me for advice. I got really bothered with so many people giving out my Instant Messaging name for advice that I changed my name and I put up this page.

If you're still confused check out the Frequently Asked Questions and also the Rules pages.

#12 Tibor Asks:
How can I be more of an asshole like you?
If you were to put your question in "yes" or "no" form, the short answer would be "no" and the long answer would be "yes" with a but.

The reason I say no is because it takes talent. Anyone can just be a complete dick, but that's not what gets you ladies, money, fortune, fame, and all you can eat at places that aren't generally buffets.

It takes time, style, and debonair.

To put it more concisely, only I can be like me and anyone that wants to be more like me is a poser.