Adventures of an Asshole

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Stories - When I Risked My Life for a Girl - 25-May-2007 @ 19:35

Up until that night I never thought it would happen. I never thought my ambitions to have sex with a girl would put my life in danger, but it happened.

In my mid-teens I was dating this girl we'll call Samantha, and she lived near me, so it was rather easy to walk over to her house and get some action, considering her parents were rarely home. However on this night she went to her friend's house, which was a bit farther away, but I was determined to get some action.

I was staying with my friend "John" that night because he lived a lot closer to her friend than I did, and I figured it'd save some walking time later on. See, I didn't have a car, mostly because I couldn't afford one, in fact I didn't get my license until I was 19, so we had to walk. The only problem was that it was the rainy season and it was pouring outside.

So, we started walking at about 7 pm with a light drizzle, however a problem arose, all of the houses looked exactly the same and I couldn't remember exactly where she lived. Also there were no street lights, so when it got completely dark the only light we had was from the few people who had their porch lights on. But, after a few hours in the rain, we found her house, and it was about 10 pm. I walked up to the house, and I didn't want to knock because I realized that it was late and didn't want to piss anyone off.

The only solution was that John and I stand around in her front yard until she walked into the kitchen to signal to her or her friend (I didn't know which bed room window was hers). I know, it sounds a bit stalkerish, but as I said, I was determined, and probably walked in the rain for 3 hours. And by that time it was pouring buckets.

So finally, her friend walks into the kitchen, and I signal to her. She was surprised to say the least, but called for Samantha to come in the room and she waved, but then signaled for me to leave. I should have listened, and I learned my lesson after this. But apparently, and I found this out later, her father had seen us standing around in their yard and called the police, luckily the police had a hard time finding the place too.

What seemed like two seconds later, the door opens, but they're still at the window, and we see a man there, and we start running. I've never ran so fast in my life, and as we turn the corner on the street, we see the cops. And they start driving towards us, so we run in the opposite direction and cut through yards, hop fences, and just run like all hell, and at the same time I had rain hitting me in the face, splashing up mud, sliding around, but I was running so fast and so damn nervous I didn't notice.

About two miles in the opposite direction of John's house we sat in someone's back yard, in the rain, trying to catch our breath, and come up with a way to get back to John's house safely. Our plan was simple, we just walked even farther and went through a totally different neighborhood. And at about 2 am we got home, soaked, cold, and tired.

I found out the next evening when talking to Samantha on the phone that not only were the cops chasing us, but also her friend's father was chasing us in his truck with a shot gun, apparently he thought I was trying to fuck his daughter.

The lesson I learned from all this is that many girls aren't worth it, and I never put myself in such a situation again, but when I look back on it, running from the cops in the rain was pretty fun.