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Rants - Fuck this grocery store - 29-Sep-2009 @ 20:59

In a previous story I talked about these old wiggers at a grocery store where I had to lay the smack down. Today I went back to that grocery store for some soda - you know for a quick pick-me-up, and I decided I'm never going back to that store again.

I didn't bother grabbing a cart or basket because I was only getting two things. I got one 24 pack of Vanilla Coke and one 24 pack of Mountain Dew Voltage or whatever it's called. So I'm carrying one in each hand.

It's about 6:30, which is just after rush hour so the place is packed with jackasses who thought it was a genius idea to all rush to the super market after work. I guess that makes me a genius too, after all, I was there. There were probably 40 to 50 people waiting in line to check out either by a human being (about 30 of them) or by self-check out. Since the line was so long for the human, yes, there was only one fucking lane open, I decided to go through self-checkout. There are four self-checkout machines, two on the left, and two on the right. I was standing on the right so I pretty much was forced to use the ones on the right.

A blond woman that was obviously too busy to notice me cut in line with her cart full of groceries and got the free check out. I was obviously annoyed by this, but I decided to let it go, no big deal, right?

When have I ever made a big deal out of something? Exactly.

As I'm waiting for her or the massively obese woman in front of her at the other machine to finish checking out, I look over to my right at some sexy lady who just picked up some flowers. While I was distracted for, at a maximum of four to five seconds, the obese woman leaves, so I thought "finally, time to get out of here."

As I'm about to step forward, a guy walks right past everyone in line and takes the machine.

Fuck! I'm getting really pissed. At this point I'd say something, but I keep thinking "just keep cool and I'll get out of here before you know it." I guess I jinxed myself with that one.

The guy has a cart full of shit, and every single time he scans an item, he asks this employee near by how much it costs. Did this moron not look at the price when he put it in his basket? I'm not exaggerating here, he did this with every item. Meanwhile the woman directly in front of me, the first person who cut, is still taking forever, but now I'm more pissed about this guy than anything else.

Mr. Local-Idiot, as I'll call him, keep getting close to the screen as if he's trying to read microscopic print, but it's:



I'm probably 20 feet away and I can read the prices on the screen. It's not like this guy was some old jackass, because if he was, I'd cut him some slack, instead he was in his 30s, and obviously wasn't retarded or somehow sick in the head, he was just a fucking moron who obviously needed glasses or binoculars.

This goes on, and on, and the woman in front of me is taking forever, carefully bagging every item (even cans) as if they're all eggs and bread.

About 10 minutes pass, and finally I feel the hulk-rage building inside me, and Mr. Local-Idiot is looking like he's ready to leave, however he says "I'll be right back, I forgot my money in my truck."


Before I lose my mind and start pissing on people, I simply let go of my soda and let it crash to the floor and walk out. Not really the big scene I usually make, but I was so sick of that shit. I usually don't have a problem with line cutters, only at that particular grocery store, it must be the high-class, white, douche bag millionaires living in the area, after all, it's not every day you see every single guy around you wearing a dirty wife-beater standing next to their 600+ pound wives in motorized carts.