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Rants - Some guy on Fox - 02-Jan-2009 @ 15:48

Holy shit. If you've watched Fox's Sunday night shows, such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, etc then you might be familiar with the latest annoyance. For some fucking reason, perhaps to help people find a reason to end it all, they have this annoying asshole talking about "Animation domination continues!"

The voice sounds slightly familiar to a lot of people because a very, very similar voice has been used in South Park over the years. Some people have told me the voice in the Fox commercials is Seth Green. Well, regardless, whoever it is should be beaten to death. I can't think of any voice more asinine than his.

I had a hard time finding an example of the voice, so here's a video the features the voice in the last seconds of the run. The voice at the end isn't as annoying as it usually is, but if you find something better, please contact me:

Now here's the voice from South Park:

Who ever is doing the voice is clearly trying to copy the voice from South Park. This, in general, wouldn't really bother me, except of how incredibly annoying it is - it is just fucking terrible.