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Rants - Nobody gives a fuck about Dimebag Darrell - 23-Nov-2008 @ 15:18

Some time back a guy did the world a favor by shooting the guitarist for the band Pantera. As if Pantera's music wasn't bad enough, the guitarist's name was "Dimebag Darrell"; that name is so funny, it's a barrel of fucking monkeys.

I think one of the most important pieces of information is that 90% of Americans have never heard of Pantera, and out of the 10% that have, before the shooting only 0.000001% knew who Dimebag Darrell was. After the shooting, many more people knew who Pantera was (good career move on their part) and every moron below the arctic and above Mexico with any interest in rock music suddenly always knew who Dimebag Darrell was and they were personally hurt by his death.

Stop lying, none of you knew who that asshole was. If he were some random member of a band nobody at all knew of, then would you care?

I admit, this rant is a bit late, time has passed and nobody gives a shit about Pantera once again. Just wait until the guitarist for... say The Mighty Mighty Bosstones gets capped, I bet he'll be hot shit that everyone knew.