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Stories - Assholes of the Corn - 25-Jul-2007 @ 16:33

In 2003 at about 10 pm, Farva, Pirate, Bear, and I were driving on some back roads and there were nothing but corn fields all around us. We noticed that there were some redneck teenagers doing doughnuts in a corn field and we decided to fuck with them. So, Farva, who's driving, starts to honk the horn, flash the lights, and yell out the window, "Get out of my corn field!"

They had their windows down too, and they stopped, heard us, and start to haul ass. So, we start to chase them, and we chased them for probably 20 miles at about 80 mph. They were really trying to get away from us. During this entire time, Farva kept honking the horn and flashing his lights at them.

Then they actually stopped at a stop sign, and we stopped right behind them and a car pulled up next to us. It was some guy with two girls asking us what we were doing. We told him we were fucking with those rednecks up ahead for driving in a corn field. He happy joined us.

We kept getting on their ass, honking the horn, flashing lights, and now we had this other guy driving up next to them like he was going to drive them off the road. Bear was hanging out the window shooting either a BB Gun or Paint Ball gun at them. We chased them around for what seemed like a good half hour.

Finally after a while, the other guy left, and we finally got bored with it and gave up, only to soon realize we weren't sure were we were. We ended up in some backwater hick town with tons of corn fields. Luckily we found our way home.